WInd on Grandfather
New Work

These new pieces will eventually be placed in their proper category – But for now - A visual feast of all that is new and exciting.
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Hidden Falls
Wall Quilts

Landscapes, rivers, rocks, mountains and skies of fabric and thread - they float on the wall unencumbered by anything but visual response.
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Autumn Ridge
Free Form Quilts

“Not” the traditional concept of a quilt. Free-form quilts that float on a wall or a piece of stretched canvas. These are a recent development and continue to evolve. Trees, dogs , butterflies have been my subjects so far.
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Box Framed Quilts

Smaller quilts - framed in a deep “box” frame, suitable for hanging or placing on a table. Sizes – as small as 8” x 10” and no larger than 17” inches on any one side.
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Three Butteflies

Commissions often prove to be a valuable resource. Subjects from the Tree of Life to mountain ranges to rock strewn rivers, all inspire the challenge and the evolution.
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Framed Quilts

These very small works are usually studies of ideas that grow into major works. Matting and framing behind plexi-glass in a metal frame are a complimenting presentation.
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You Called
PupQuilt Portraits

Combining my love of quilting and love of dogs has resulted in these works. They are free form quilts that are portraits of actual dogs. Whether floating on the wall or on a stretched canvas – they seem to reach out to be loved.
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The Perfect One
Christmas Trees

Also called my “Tipsy Trees” – they evoke memory and celebrations of times past.
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